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How can the credit card debt be closed?


Credit cards have been in our lives for years and are the products offered by banks to make our payments easier. It is an indisputable fact that they make our lives easier if they are used consciously. However, sometimes due to the requirements, users spend as much as they can not pay with their credit cards and thus, they owe to the bank to which they are customers.

First of all, let’s talk about the things that no credit card user should remember. The credit card is the sole responsibility of the person. You should know your income-expenditure balance very well, you should set limits for yourself. Many people move as they don’t have any money when shopping with a credit card, and when it comes to extracting it, it gets into trouble. In order to avoid such troubles, you should not make unnecessary purchases and not be attracted to the word “installment Bu.
Using more credit cards than you need may hurt your head in the future. It should be noted that each credit card has an annual fee and each new card means a new risk.

Your credit card limit is another important issue. You should not apply for limit cards that exceed your income. Even if you buy a low-limit credit card, the bank can increase this limit over time. If you don’t need it, it will be useful for you to contact your bank and lower your credit card limit.

You should pay your credit card debt regularly and on time. You should not forget that the minimum amount to be paid, which is known as the minimum debt, does not cover the entire debt and you still owe your bank. If you have the possibility to pay the entire debt will always be better for the future.

“I can’t pay my credit card debt. What should I do?”

If your debts have accumulated and you cannot afford to pay, you should go to this debt instead of running away from this debt and the bank. Because the interest rate of interest comes into effect from the first month and continues to be applied during the period you do not pay. If you do not pay for 3 months, your bank will send you a warning letter. This request to pay the entire debt and gives you 15 days. If you do not pay or contact the bank within these 15 days, the bank will initiate the legal follow-up process. In this process, the bank closes your debt in some way through lawyers.

To avoid this situation, please contact your bank when your debt exceeds the amount you can pay. If you have more than one card you can collect all of them on the same card and you may be a little distant from the future delay interest. If you declare that you wish to close your credit card and pay your debt in installments, your bank will work with you to determine the most appropriate payment plan for you. You can pay your debt in accordance with these conditions with a more flexible payment plan.

Taking consumer credit to close your credit card debt can make sense in some situations. If the credit card installments are subject to more interest than the installments of the general purpose loan; you can close your debt at once, you can make a repayment of the loan.

You can find the credit card that best suits you in the FinZoom – Comparative Credit Card section and apply immediately.

‘Credit card holders must benefit’


Özince President of the Banks Association of Turkey, said that this time much more mütekamil entered into a law preparation

Turkey Banks Association Chairman Ersin Özince, noting that a significant portion of credit card debtors to demand the previous arrangements, ” was entered into a law mütekamil much preparation this time. Credit card debtors must benefit, ” he said.

Ersin Özince, State Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan’s press conference, the banking sector’s use of foreign currency loans and credit card debts gave information about the regulation of the regulation.

Noting that the credit usage of foreign currency has been demanded by the Union for many years, the current realization of the Turkish real sector ” a very important part of the borrowing requirement ” abroad, noted that this creates unfair competition Özince, ” since the declaration of the decision, the number 32 about the transition to a free market economy Turkey’s largest and one of the final steps will be, ” he said.


Özince said that the regulation believes that the Turkish Banking system will make a significant contribution to the growth of the Turkish banking system and that the banks think that they will be more active in responding to the financing needs of the Turkish real sector.

Expressing that people are trying to prevent the exchange rate risk in the self-regulation, ” This is a restrictive provision even in one place at the moment, considering the current environment in our country is extremely relevant in my opinion. However, I think that this issue will be further developed in parallel with good practices. Here, the individual is wanted to be protected, the protection of the individual is seen. It is defined as the freedom of trade among other people. Banking sector as a very useful for us to see a development, ” he said.

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Özince also stated that while evaluating the regulation on the use of credit cards, many banks had entered into the structuring of credit cards, but that it was important to bring order to these activities and that the sector was de next ıyla in the regulation.

Underlining that the credit card is not a debt instrument Özince, ” credit card will continue to be an expensive loan method. The credit card will not be cheap, it will not be cheap, the default will not be cheap, because this is a payment tool. This should definitely not be used beyond the payment tool, ” he said.


Özince noted that the high interest rates are important in terms of the ‘deterrence ığ of their use as a debt instrument.

Tır The regulation will substantially eliminate the stock problem in credit card debts. This will benefit the banking sector as well. But I would also like to underline that the banking sector has given up a serious default interest. Although the interest here is indexed to the deposit interest rate, but the difference is large. I’m not meant to show you how sacrificed the banks are. In the previous similar law we have seen that the major part of the debtors does not apply. This time, a much more detailed law was entered into preparation. I think that credit card debtors should make good use of it and benefit from the difference in interest. Kartı

Özince also mentioned the regulation on credit card charges and stated that the Banks Association believes that the credit card costs should be, absolutely lar and emphasized that credit cards should be perceived as a means of payment to cover their expenses.

The majority of card users ” pay the debt at the time of payment ” and in this way that the interest-free credit facilities that benefit Ozince, ” In return for this service, as in all world applications, the annual fee should be taken, ” he said.

Bank Loans Analysis August Report


August in Housing Loans
Interest rate cuts on housing loans, which have continued since April, continued in August as well. Although the indices in interest rates were not realized in all the banks participating in the index compared to the previous month, they managed to pull the index down. Together with these discounts, the Finzoom YMO index continued to decline.
The highest YMO reduction was observed in Finansbank among banks participating in the Finzoom Monthly Average index in August, with a maturity of 120 months and with a rate of 1.61% for TL 100,000. In addition, Odeabank bank was 1.55% and Odeabank bank was 0.49%. You can find out the current interest rates in housing loans in the Finzoom housing loan comparison section.

Finzoom YMO index reached the lowest level of 2014 with the observed interest rate cuts and various campaigns offered to the market. AkBank offers an interest rate of 11.71% for the finan- cial mortgage loan at a rate of 11.71% for 100,000 TL and 120 months maturity. In addition, Vakıfbank offers the most appropriate loans between the banks participating in the index with 12.04% and 12.06% as of last month. The following table shows the interest rates of the mortgage loans and the rates of the YMO.

How to get card fees back?


Get your card fees retrospectively! What should be the path you follow?

Attorney Hakan Topbaş, Vice President of the Consumer Union, has investigated how many years of credit card fees can be taken back.

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Topbaş ‘s research, according to the legislation, credit card fees, back up to 10 years showed that the right back to the request. In other words, a customer will be able to ask for all the dues he has paid in the last 10 years.

For this, the credit card holder will follow:

The bank will be sent a letter with a registered letter and will be notified of the payment of the dues.
If the bank responds negatively to your warning or does not respond at all, a case will be filed against the Consumer Problems Arbitration Board.
You just have to file a petition to sue. There is no need to pay for the court. The arbitral tribunal will finalize your petition within three months.

If you decide in your favor, 35 pounds for each year will be refunded.

Housing Prices Rise 4 Percent in One Year


Turkey, the highest increase in both monthly and annual basis, house prices increased by over 4 percent in general have been living in Balikesir. Rents also rose 7 percent in a year. The champion of the hike in the ranks was Aydın.

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Everyone’s dream home. But the imagination is gradually moving away, the price continues to rise. housing prices in Turkey increased by 4.02 percent in December compared to last year. According to “Reidin Real Estate Index”, the highest price increase was seen in Balıkesir with 2.04 percent. On an annual basis, Balıkesir ranked first with 26.9% increase, followed by Giresun and Edirne.


In December, the prices of branded housing projects on the Anatolian side of Istanbul were 0.15 percent; On the European side, it rose 0.46 percent. The ratio of sales to foreigners decreased by 1 percentage point, and the share of housing sales to foreigners in total sales was 3 percent. According to housing types, 3 + 1 residences are preferred to most.


In December, the down payment utilization rate was 31 percent, the bank loan utilization rate was 34 percent and the deed utilization rate was 35 percent. In December, 18 percent of the houses sold were finished and 82 percent of the houses were finished. Stock melting speed was 3.9 percent, above the average of the last 6 months. As for Turkey, covering the lease of the city-wide 68 “Turkey Rental Housing Price Index” by 0.16 percent in December from the previous month rents, while compared to the same period last year increased by 7:19 percent.

Aydın, the city with the highest rate of rents on an annual basis, was 22.57 percent, followed by Yozgat and Zonguldak.

The 10 most common mistakes made using credit card!


Consumers who cannot give up using a credit card and showered banks make these mistakes the most

Complaints sent to card holders after the complaint revealed interesting results. Don’t make them:

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Receiving a Card Although Not Needed: dayan I could not withstand the insistence of the banks and bought credit cards. I have at least 5 credit cards from different banks. They were all in my wallet, but I was just shopping for two of them. At the end of the year all banks sent debt. I had to pay all the cards. I didn’t even pay a previous card fee, so I received a letter of execution. Maybe I needed it because I didn’t need it or I owed it. The interest rates, account operating fees, fees and expenses of the cards I use are more than my expenses. I entered the debt swamp. Ağ
 Credit Card Debt Missing: im I spent more than I could afford and I withdrew cash. I kept my debt permanently missing, and I owe my debt with interest. I couldn’t pay the amount that should be paid monthly. Every month, I owe more than my debt. Now I can’t pay. Şimdi
 Having a Card Without Hearing: Olmak They put a credit card requirement in the contract they signed while using credit. But I didn’t know if I’d agreed to sign it. I never used the card from the cargo. A few years later, I didn’t use the card. Credit card fees have been operated. Banks use credit cards to put credit card stipulation. Bank
 Being Unaware of Insurance Made to Credit Card: un As a matter of my profession, I had to get a credit card from the bank because of an institution’s payment policy. I got the insurance when I got the card. Unaware of the insurance credit card when I came to my account. I had to pay the insurance amount as much as my monthly expenditure. Tı
 Not to Pay Attention to Interest Rates: kartı I wanted to pay my credit card debt and close my debt. I didn’t investigate interest rates when buying a credit card. I still couldn’t close the credit card from paying interest rates Faiz
 Failure to Read Contracts: alar To get a credit card, they have signed a contract. They sent us a credit card a month later. I received a message from my phone before I received any statements and information, and I was unable to pay my credit card debt. I accepted the card fee in the card contract, and this was a debt card fee. Kart
 Not to Pursue a Credit Card: ey In 2006, when I was in the military, the bank made a card without my request. I learned that the card was delivered to someone else in 2011 with the message from the bank’s law firm. They said the card was seen on me and legally monitored. My salary was also foreclosed. When I saw this situation, I filed a petition with the prosecutor about the bank. Before I concluded the complaint in the prosecutor’s office in May of 2012, the executive director of the salary of my salary when I heard the execution of the debt on my way to the bank I paid 285 TL. I was shocked when I heard the decision of the prosecution. Because it was decided that there is no place for prosecution. The decision and the result is given below. It is stated in the decision that I did not request my credit card in 2011 and before, that a credit card was issued to my name in 2006, but it was not delivered to me and that legal proceedings were initiated because the card was not closed. Karar
 Loan on Credit Card: bor I decided to close my credit card, I closed my debt. Due to the interest on my credit card has received a payment of 3 kurus. I was shocked when the debt information came from the bank. The debt rate is over 100 TL. This bank, which is doomed to lose customers who spend thousands of TL for 3-5 cents, then distributes cards in the street almost to win customers. 3-5
 Breaking Your Credit Card: c I closed my credit card by paying all my debt. . You can break your card, Banka said the bank employee. Years later, I received paper that foreclosures have been initiated on the grounds that I owe more than $ 500. I had the accounts checked, but my card was not canceled. Then 2.5 TL money was cut and the account was reduced again. The interest on him was over 500 TL with the expense of the lawyer. Is that possible?”
 Delaying the payment: u I paid my credit card debt permanently because I did not have a regular income. I realized that delaying was perhaps a worse mistake than paying the minimum amount. Not only did I pay the interest rate, but my credit card payments were not regulated. I wanted to withdraw my credit when I needed it, but my credit card payment history was taken into consideration in the negative response. İhtiy

Credit Card Related Information


Release date
Which credit card should we buy? What has changed in the new regulation?

The recent news about the credit card, which is frequently encountered in our country, revealed how serious the amount of credit card usage is in our country. Consumer debt to banks, the ceiling of consumer complaints about the abolition of card dues, the need to buy the dues, the dues to remove the dues, debates on the bill drafted to remove the card fees, the people who have received the dues of the economy of the news on the agenda these days; in this article we will discuss all of these issues.

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One of the most debated issues is undoubtedly the removal of credit card fees. After the news that the Customs and Trade Minister Hayati Yazici has negotiated with banks to remove fees from customers under the name of credit card fees, account operating fees and file costs, the bank customers were hoping. Because every year hundreds of million collected by banks in Turkey with these reasons. It is not surprising that some customers who started legal action to take back these disruptions also formed one of the agenda items when it was found in the media that they get back these charges.

Ere What should be considered when buying a credit card? “

Although the credit card has become a need today, we must try to meet this need in the best way. The advantages of the credit card cannot be ignored if used consciously.

When we decide to issue a credit card, we must first select all the alternatives and choose the most appropriate one. When it comes to credit cards, not all banks use the same procedure. Some of the credit cards are higher than others and others are quite low compared to others. Here we need the circuit. If you don’t spend a lot of money, there’s no reason to remove a high-limit card. On the contrary, the annual fees of these cards are more and this fee is out of your pocket. In other words, you are paying a higher annual fee for a limit that you do not fill.

How to use credit card, How can it be canceled?

First of all, it should not be forgotten that the credit card is the responsibility of each person and is not compulsory. You should know your income-expenditure balance very well and restrict yourself if necessary. The attractiveness of the word gelir installment s becomes the behavior that most users are most regretting of over time; but now it’s too late. So you should be able to brake yourself to avoid unnecessary spending. For a product that you intend to buy, the question? Do I really need this now?? May be one of the measures that might prevent us from spending unnecessary. Paying credit card debt on time is another golden rule of using credit cards. Debt not timely, will be subject to interest, as well as reducing your credit score in the future and will be an obstacle for you in the future.

“I don’t use my credit card. How can I cancel it? Nasıl

It is not a very difficult procedure to cancel your credit card. However, sometimes banks may not cancel the card even if you declare that you want to cancel your credit card. This means that even if you do not use the card, you must pay the annual usage fee again.

In order to cancel the unused credit card, of course, you must have no debts. You have to make sure that you close all the debt of the card you want to cancel, and installment debts, if any, for the following months.

The credit card can be canceled via telephone banking. However, as we have stated, the most effective way to not pay the card debit which is not canceled even though you declare to close the card is to give the bank a written statement stating that you do not want this credit card and you want to close it. Written documents, evidence of the nature of the bank, even if you owe the debt you can prove that you are not obliged to pay the debt.

According to Article 18 (2) of the Regulation on bank cards and credit cards, a bank must fulfill this request within seven days of receiving a card cancellation request. If you have notified your request by giving a written petition and still receive credit card statements, you may seek your right by legal means.

There is also a more practical solution for those who do not want to deal with such transactions. You may have called your bank and made a loss / stolen credit card and did not receive a new credit card. The new card will be blocked after a while. Just tell the bank that you don’t want them to send you again when they ask you.

Are credit card fees legal? What not to pay

All time record breaking card payment


In August, a total of 51.2 billion pounds was paid by bank and credit cards, pointing to the highest level of all-time.

A correspondent of the Interbank Card Center (BKM) According to information compiled from the data of August, 57.8 million credit cards and 114 million in Turkey also has 171.8 million cards, including debit card. While the number of credit cards did not change in August this year compared to the same month of the previous year, the number of bank cards increased by 2 percent.

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A total of 51.2 billion liras was paid in August with debit cards and credit cards. Thus, the highest payment amount ever reached on credit card and debit card basis has been reached.

Credit cards were used in the amount of TL 46.7 billion and bank cards were used in TL 4.5 billion. Compared to the previous year, the growth rate was 30 percent for bank card payments and 10 percent for credit card payments.

In August of last year, 42,6 billion pounds and 42 billion pounds of credit cards with credit cards were paid, so the total card payment amount was 46 billion pounds.


Bank cards and credit cards with the 12th of September to the Feast of Sacrifice at the cost of 2.7 billion pounds was paid. This figure indicates a 15 percent growth in card payments compared to the 24-27 September 2015 Sacrifice Feast.

On the other hand, during the Feast of Sacrifice, it was seen that total card payments were made mainly in the market, fuel and clothing sectors. The most spent market sector accounted for 18 percent of total card payments, while fuel stations accounted for 15 percent and the clothing sector accounted for 11 percent. Food and accommodation also accounted for 8 percent and 7 percent of the card payments, respectively.

When looking at the quantitative basis, 496 million pounds in the market during the Feast of Sacrifice, 420 million pounds in fuel stations, 299 million pounds in clothing, 214 million pounds in the meal and 181 million pounds in the payment was made.

Bank Loans Analysis – October 2015


October Month on Housing Loans

According to the loan data released by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA), the banking sector’s credit volume decreased by 4 billion pounds in a week to 1 trillion 426.9 billion pounds. Despite this decline in the credit market, banks continued to increase their loan interest rates. The interest rates continued to increase in October 2015, even though the housing loans offered by the banks were offered under different campaigns. The increases observed in the Finzoom HRC rates are likely to continue in the upcoming period. Moreover, according to the money and statistics published by the Central Bank as of October 16, the total loan volume in the period in question was announced as 1 trillion 426 billion 851 million 951 thousand. Of these, 129 billion 442 million of them received housing loans.

Among the banks participating in the Finzoom Monthly Average index, the highest increase in YMO was observed in Denizbank with a maturity of 120 months and TL 100,000 with a ratio of 3.14%. In addition, Finansbank, with a 2.48% stake, Akbank with 2.40%, and Anadolubank with a score of 2.37%, were among the banks with the highest interest rate increase. You can find out the current interest rates in housing loans in the Finzoom housing loan comparison section.

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Following the increase in interest rates of 100,000 TL and 120 months maturity, according to the Finzoom Agency, the bank offering the most favorable housing loan interest rates in October is the VakıfBank bank with a ratio of 14.27% Finzoom YMO. Second place is Halkbank with 14.45% Finzoom YMO rate. The interest rates and YMO rates of housing loans are given in the table below.

It should not be forgotten that in the housing loan market, different banks offer various credit products to their customers through different campaigns. You can check the YMO rates using loan parameters, interest rates and the same parameters for each bank via Finzoom.
Change in loan interest rates
Finzoom Annual Average Cost Rate, which was 14.30% in September 2015, climbed to 15.47% in October 2015 with the interest rate increases.

October in Consumer Loans
Interest rates observed in mortgage loans in October 2015 were also observed in consumer loans. Interest rates continued to decline despite the waning credit volume and the credit products offered by many different campaigns. In the coming period, banks will gradually launch new year promotional products. In this period, consumers who plan to use consumer loans should be able to follow the products.

With the increase in interest rates, the average CPI of Finzoom, which was 20.48% in September 2015, reached 21.92% in October 2015. In the upcoming period, small discounts are expected with new campaigns at interest rates.

What to Consider When Configuring Credit and Credit Card?


Credit and credit card debt configuration began. Banks have a second way for you if they get high interest. With a 48-month term, the borrower who wants to close his debt, 10 thousand pounds 3 thousand 300 pounds less is paid.

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The opportunity to configure up to 72 months to ease the millions of consumer loans and card borrowers made consumers happy while the interest was confused. With the application the configuration interest was left to banks. Banks did not meet the expectations with the bill. The interest rates remained high. It was more advantageous to close the debt by pulling credit.


Following the entry into force of the regulation, some banks raised interest rates of 1.40 percent, some 1.49 percent, and some 1.47 percent. Considering that the current consumer loan interest rates have fallen to 1.20 percent, a high invoice is revealed.


10 thousand pounds of consumer loans to the citizen, this with a 1.45 percent interest rate in 72 months 17 thousand 615 pounds are forced to pay. But if the consumer chooses to close the debts of 10 thousand pounds with 1.29 percent interest rate, it pays a total of 14 thousand 244 pounds in 48 months. In other words, 3 thousand 371 pounds in the pocket of those who prefer to attract consumer loans.


Experts in order to close the debt to the configuration instead of loans to those who prefer to borrow, the loan debt from the bank, not from another bank if you get a lower interest rate. It is important to make sure that your credit record is good. Lem Meanwhile, it is important for consumers to determine reasonable interest rates in the structuring.


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